The Detroit URC: fostering health equity through 
community-based participatory research (CBPR)
for more than 20 years

Since its founding in 1995, the URC has established more than 10 affiliated partnerships & 30 projects that have addressed issues such as environmental triggers of childhood asthma, diabetes maintenance and prevention, intimate partner violence, social and physical environmental determinants of cardiovascular disease, access to fresh food, places to be physically active, and health literacy.   Each affiliated CBPR partnership is composed of some of the same partner organizations as the Detroit URC, as well as other partners as illustrated in the diagram below.  Each partnership is guided by a Steering Committee and a set of CBPR principles and operating procedures, within the overall Detroit URC framework. Each of the partnerships has been involved in carrying out specific CBPR projects, and a number of these have conducted multiple projects since they were first established.

Detroit URC Affiliated Partnership Organizational Structure

Affiliated Partnerships_web

Much of what we have learned about conducting CBPR has been gained through research carried out by these partnerships. Find out more about each partnership by clicking the links in the menu to the left.


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