The Detroit URC: fostering health equity through 
community-based participatory research (CBPR)
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Our Board

The Detroit URC Board is comprised of representatives from community-based organizations in Detroit, the Detroit Health Department, and Henry Ford Health System, as well as faculty representatives from the University of Michigan Schools of Public Health, Social Work and Nursing. The Board is responsible for identifying priorities of the Detroit URC, and for overseeing the development of new community-based participatory research projects and related activities. Members of the Board are also referred to as partners of the Detroit URC partnership. Each of our affiliated partnerships and projects is directed by a Steering Committee that consists of representatives from the Detroit URC Board, and may also have additional community organizations represented as needed and appropriate, based on the focus of the affiliated partnership. 

Detroit URC Board - Organizations & Representatives: 


Richard Bryce, Chief Medical Officer




DeniseFair Detroit Health Department
 Carla Bezold, Chief Epidemiologist, Detroit Health DepartmentDetroitHealthDepartment Logo


Angela G. Reyes, Executive Director




Guy Williams, President & CEO

Donna Givens, President & CEOecn

Zachary Rowe, Executive Director

LFS logo sm1

Lidia Reyes-Flores, Executive Director



nso 60th

Linda Little, President & CEO
 Gwendolyn Daniels, Chief Executive Officer

Kimberlydawn Wisdom, Senior Vice President of Community Health & Equity and Chief Wellness and Diversity Officer





Barbara L. Brush, Professor and Carol J. and F. Edward Lake Term Clinical Professor, Department of Systems, Populations and Leadership



Barbara Israel, Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education and Director, Detroit URC
2a.Public Health




Enrique Neblett, Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education, U-M SPH and Associate Director, Detroit URC





port marieo  Marie O'Neill, Professor, Environmental Health Sciences and Professor, Epidemiology, U-M SPH






Amy Schulz, Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education, U-M SPH





Rogério Pinto, Professor and Associate Dean for Research



Emeritus Board Members

ricardo guzmanJ. Ricardo Guzman, Consultant for Community Health and Social Services Center, Inc.
(Retired Chief Executive Officer)

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Richard Lichtenstein, Emeritus SJ Axelrod Collegiate Professor of Health Management and Policy and Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy Associate Professor, Health Management, U-M SPH

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Edith Kieffer

Edith Kieffer, Emerita Professor, University of Michigan School of Social Work





Sheilah Clay

Sheilah Clay, Director of Training Quality and Retention for the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development in the City of Detroit





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