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General CBPR and Research Resources

8th ACCESS Health Journal 

The 8th ACCESS Health Journal, which contains proceedings from the ACCESS 8th Arab Health Summit hosted this past September in Washington, D.C. This proceedings journal features the findings shared at the Summit by incredible speakers and presenters, ranging from health scholars, researchers, academics and advocates from across the globe, on the important issues facing Arab communities. This publication is the result of our commitment to the advancement of the health of Arab-American communities as well as Arab Communities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region as well as in regions of immigration across the globe.

Community Campus Partnerships for Health: Community Engaged Scholarship 4 Health (CES4Health) 

CES4Health is a free, online mechanism for peer-reviewing, publishing and disseminating products of health-related, community-engaged scholarships that are in forms other than journal articles. Search for tools and resources or submit your own tool for peer-review.

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health CBPR Curriculum

This online curriculum is intended to serve as a tool for use by community-institutional partnerships that are using or planning to use a CBPR approach to improving health. The curriculum covers all phases of a CBPR project.

Community Tool Box - Work Group for Community Development, University of Kansas 

The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. This resource contains over 16 different tool kits with a wide range of topics. 

CORUS: Working Together to Advance Community Engaged Research - Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute 

CORUS (previously CTSA2Community), is a platform for finding and sharing tools for community engaged research and aims to strengthen the activities of community engaged research programs and their partners by building a robust database of best practices.

Guidelines for Writing Manuscripts about Community-based Participatory Research for Peer-reviewed Journals - Bordeaux, B.C., Wiley, C., Tandon, S.D., Horowitz, C.R., Borwn, P.B. & Bass, E.B. Progress in Community Health Partnerships, 1(3), 281-288. (2007)

Initial National Priorities for Comparative Effectiveness Research - Institute of Medicine. Washinton, DC: National Academies Press. (2009)

Lifting Gates, Lengthening Lives: Did Civil Rights Policies Improve the Health of African American Women in the 1960s and 1970s? - Kaplan, G.A., Ranjit, N., & Burgard, S. Making Americans Healthier: Social and Economic Policy as Health Policy. R.F. Schoeni, J.S. House, G.A. Kaplan & H. Pollack. (2008) 

Making Research Work for Your Community - Berg, D., Carroll-Scott, A., Greene, A., Harris, K., Lucas, G., Rosenthal, M. & Tinney, B. (n.d.)

National Institues of Health Approaches to Dissemination and Implementation Science: Current and Future Directions - Glasgow, R.E., Vinson, C., Chambers, D., Khoury, M.J., Kaplan, R.M. & Hunter, C. American Journal of Public Health, 102:1274-1281. (2012)

Qualitative Research and Community-Based Participatory Research: Considerations for Effective Dissemination in the Peer-Reviewed Literature - Grieb, S. D., Eder, M., Smith, K. C., Calhoun, K. & Tandon, D. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action 9(2), 275-282. (2015)

Research Toolkit: A Toolkit for Health Research in Partnership with Practices and Communities

This research toolkit provides tools and guidance for all phases of research projects from building collaborations to dissemination of findings and also includes resources on collaboration with Hispanic and indigenous populations.

Review of Community-Based Research: Assessing Partnership Approaches to Improve Public Health - Israel, B., Schulz, A., Parker, E., & Becker, A. Annual Review of Public Health, 19, 173-202. (1998)

Social Capital and Health Promotion: A Review - Hawe, P. & Schiell, A. Social Science & Medicine, 51:871-885. (2000)

The Theoretical, Historical, and Practice Roots of Community Based Participatory Research - Wallerstein, N. & Duran, B., In Minkler, M. & Wallerstein, N. (Eds), Community-Based Participatory Research for Health. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 25-46. (2008)



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