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Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Among Women Pilot

Funding Source Michigan Department of Community Health
Goals & Objectives: To use CBPR approaches to develop and pilot test and evaluate materials and methods for a social support group healthy lifestyle intervention for pregnant Latino and African American women and conducted with trusted community organizations in southwest and eastside Detroit.
Pregnant Latino and African American women in southwest and eastside Detroit.
Partners: Butzel Family Center, Community Health and Social Services, Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, Friends of Parkside, Kettering Butzel Health Initiative, Latino Family Services, Michigan Department of Community Health, University of Michigan Schools of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing and Social Work.
Intervention: Pilot healthy lifestyle and pregnancy education curriculum conducted in small groups at Friends of Parkside and Latino Family Services by trained community resident women
Outcome Indicators: Development of curriculum, staff training materials, evaluation methods, recruitment and retention methods; successful recruitment, implementation and retention of participants.
Methods & Analyses: Community-based participatory approach to all phases of program development using results from previous CBPR studies conducted with African American and Latino women in eastside and southwest Detroit.
Results: All outcomes met. Recruitment low in eastside but retention was very good in both communities. Materials and methods subsequently used, with revisions based on process evaluation, for Healthy Mothers on the Move.


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